Fortnite’s v8.10 patch is live. The update brings the brand new Baller vehicle, tinkers

The Baller is the update’s big star. It’s a single-seater that you can find at Expedition Outposts and pirate camps. You roll around and propel yourself with the attached grappler, allowing you to swing from trees or cliffs or buildings, etc. The vehicle shields its driver from enemy fire, but can be damaged and destroyed. It has 300 HP.

The Infantry Rifle has had its common variant removed, while the Heavy Assault has been downgraded from Rare/Epic/Legendary to Common/Rare/Epic.

One big change that’s pretty cool is vending machines. Now you don’t have to spend materials to purchase items (which was always too grindy). Instead, you can pick any item you want for free but once you do the vending machine disappears.

Epic has also made changes to crossplay. Xbox One and PS4 player pools have now been combined and mobile and Switch pools have been combined.

The best change, however, is to the Infinite Dab emote. Here’s Epic’s very goofy patch notes on that change:

  • Reduced infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 11 hours in the front end
  • Just kidding, Increased Infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 13 hours in the front end

What jokers.

Epic has also added new custom animations for various consumables like bandages and slurp juice, making the simple act of downing a potion more realistic and, well, custom.

Speaking of customization, new styles are now live for the following Outfits:

  • Scarlet Defender
  • Elite Agent
  • Renegade Raider
  • Waypoint
  • Overtaker
  • Whiteout

Writes Epic:

In the v8.10 update we have a few new styles coming to older outfits, in line with some ongoing Art update work we are doing. When we create outfits for you to suit up in before dropping from the Battle Bus, we’re invested in improving them over time based on your feedback. We’ve seen you being vocal about wanting to see the face behind the masks of some of our helmeted outfits, so we’ve done a pass on previous outfits.

One of the coolest things about making art for fortnite v bucks generator is that the game is regularly being updated and that we have the opportunity to work on things we want to polish.  As we continue to develop the art of Fortnite, we’ve added new technology for creating cosmetics which enable us to add variety and customizations to existing outfits as well!

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