Epic is in the days leading up to Season 8

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Season 8 of is just around the corner. With only a few days remaining in Season 7, developer Epic Games has now confirmed that the new season of the battle royale game will kick off across all platforms this Thursday, February 28.

Just as it has done in the run up to previous seasons, Epic is in the days leading up to Season 8. Each of the hints thus far has come in the form of a poem that suggests the new season will have a pirate theme; the first references “X marks the spot” and treasure, while the second v buck generator warns players to beware “those who arrive on the waves.”

What this means as far as gameplay goes remains to be seen, but it’ll presumably somehow tie into the that have been occurring in the game. Players first began experiencing these tremors earlier this month following the release of Fortnite’s 7.30 update, and they’ve been growing in intensity since, so much so that .

We’ll find out soon enough what all this means for Season 8, but in the meantime, players still have a few days to complete any remaining Season 7 challenges, including the new . Epic is if they finish these Overtime challenges, so you’ll want to complete them before the season ends to get your hands on the pass without having to shell out any V-Bucks.

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