Fortnite developer Epic Games has come under fire for seemingly using dance moves

Fortnite developer Epic Games has come under fire for seemingly using dance moves made famous by various celebrities.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro and rapper 2 Milly are among the stars to file lawsuits against Epic Games for allegedly violating their copyrights.

A number of these lawsuits were recently dismissed, however, after the US Supreme Court made a change to copyright law.

As The Verge points out, people must now wait for the Copyright Office to consider an application before a claim can be made.

It’s believed the claims will be re-submitted if and when copyrights are granted. 

But how exactly can you copyright a dance move, and will we see something similar happen in the UK?

Speaking exclusively to Express Online, SA Law Senior Associate Nathanael Young said that getting copyright protection could be tricky, but not impossible.

Fortnite: New item ‘The Baller’ REVEALED ahead of update

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He said: “In simple terms, in the UK, original dance routines can be protected as ‘dramatic works’ as long as they are recorded somewhere (which could be on video).

“However, there are few cases on the point. Particular issues would be proving the ‘move’ is original, showing who invented the move (who may not be the performer) and showing that the ‘move’ is a sufficiently significant part of the whole routine to be capable of copyright protection at all.”

The Copyright Office is said to have approved v buck generator filings from Backpack Kid and Orange Shirt Kid, although Ribeiro’s was said to have been rejected.

With these cases expected to rumble on, Fortnite fans will have to wait and see what happens to their favourite dances and emotes.

Apex could generate as much as $500 million in revenue for Electronic Arts in fiscal 2020

These days, Respawn, a unit of video-game giant Electronic Arts Inc., is living up to its name. The studio, based in suburban Los Angeles, released the hottest game of the year on Feb. 4. Apex Legends, which is free to play and uses a battle-royale format similar to the global hit Fortnite, has already signed up 50 million users.

The studio announced Tuesday that it is introducing a new character, a high-speed player called Octane, and a $9.50 season pass, which allows access to more content. That shows Apex is aiming squarely at Fortnite, the phenomenon made by closely held Epic Games Inc. Apex could generate as much as $500 million in revenue for Electronic Arts in fiscal 2020, according to Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co.

“Apex is taking advantage of a market of core gamers that were probably tired of fortnite free v bucks generator, and happy to embrace a battle-royale game that has more of the look and feel of the first-person shooters,” Sebastian said in an email. “Launch timing was also fortuitous just as some fatigue was setting in for Fortnite.”

Happy Tale

The tale of Apex is a happy one for the industry, in that it signals traditional game makers who were used to selling $60 titles can move fairly quickly into the free-to-play universe and still have something to sell. Electronic Arts shares are up about 13 percent since the title’s release.

Apex is a first-person-shooter game, where teams of three players compete to be the last people standing on a shrinking landscape called Kings Canyon. There are 60 players in all. Although contestants don’t have to purchase anything, many buy new “skins” for their characters, decorations for their weapons and one-liners, called quips, to intimidate rivals. Sample: “Don’t look for sympathy. You won’t find it.” Skins cost about $18.

In addition to the three-person fighting format, Apex has other features that differentiate it somewhat from Fortnite, including the ability for a jump master to control where the team lands when they drop into the game.

Fortnite’s v8.10 patch is live. The update brings the brand new Baller vehicle, tinkers

The Baller is the update’s big star. It’s a single-seater that you can find at Expedition Outposts and pirate camps. You roll around and propel yourself with the attached grappler, allowing you to swing from trees or cliffs or buildings, etc. The vehicle shields its driver from enemy fire, but can be damaged and destroyed. It has 300 HP.

The Infantry Rifle has had its common variant removed, while the Heavy Assault has been downgraded from Rare/Epic/Legendary to Common/Rare/Epic.

One big change that’s pretty cool is vending machines. Now you don’t have to spend materials to purchase items (which was always too grindy). Instead, you can pick any item you want for free but once you do the vending machine disappears.

Epic has also made changes to crossplay. Xbox One and PS4 player pools have now been combined and mobile and Switch pools have been combined.

The best change, however, is to the Infinite Dab emote. Here’s Epic’s very goofy patch notes on that change:

  • Reduced infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 11 hours in the front end
  • Just kidding, Increased Infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 13 hours in the front end

What jokers.

Epic has also added new custom animations for various consumables like bandages and slurp juice, making the simple act of downing a potion more realistic and, well, custom.

Speaking of customization, new styles are now live for the following Outfits:

  • Scarlet Defender
  • Elite Agent
  • Renegade Raider
  • Waypoint
  • Overtaker
  • Whiteout

Writes Epic:

In the v8.10 update we have a few new styles coming to older outfits, in line with some ongoing Art update work we are doing. When we create outfits for you to suit up in before dropping from the Battle Bus, we’re invested in improving them over time based on your feedback. We’ve seen you being vocal about wanting to see the face behind the masks of some of our helmeted outfits, so we’ve done a pass on previous outfits.

One of the coolest things about making art for fortnite v bucks generator is that the game is regularly being updated and that we have the opportunity to work on things we want to polish.  As we continue to develop the art of Fortnite, we’ve added new technology for creating cosmetics which enable us to add variety and customizations to existing outfits as well!

The Fortnite Item Shop has updated to display a new set of skins

Originally appearing in the Item Shop as a Uncommon item, the Axetec Pickaxe cost 800 V-Bucks to purchase. The community immediately complained, since a pickaxe with a cost of 800 V-Bucks was usually a Rare item.

The fortnite v bucks generator Item Shop is updated daily to display different skins, pickaxes, gliders, emotes and (sometimes) wraps available to purchase. Yesterday’s item shop featured the previously leaked Bandolette skin as well as the Choppa Glider and Machete Pickaxe.

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Check out the 3d Fortnite visualizer cosmetic combo tool here
Here’s all of cosmetics available in the store today:

Bandolette Skin (Rare) – 1,200 V-Bucks
Choppa Glider (Epic) – 1,200 V-Bucks
Machete Pickaxe (Uncommon) – 500 V-Bucks
Raptor Skin (Legendary) – 2,000 V-Bucks
Party Animal Pickaxe (Epic) – 1,5500 V-Bucks
Use Code FORTNITE-INSIDER in the shop if you’d like to support us.
Bandolette Fortnite Skin
Bandolette Fortnite Skin
Laugh it up Emote (Rare) – 500 V-Bucks
Stop Axe Pickaxe (Rare) – 800 V-Bucks
Munitions Major Skin (Uncommon) – 800 V-Bucks
Dirigible Glider (Uncommon) – 500 V-Bucks
Ground Pound Emote (Uncommon) – 200 V-Bucks
Dazzle Skin (Rare) – 1,200 V-Bucks

Either the Axetec was overpriced, Uncommons cost 500, or there was an issue with the rarity.

As seen on FNBR, the Axetec was incorrectly listed as Uncommon (or incorrectly listed as 800 V-Bucks).

Epic Games cleared up the confusion and will address the issue in the upcoming Fortnite update, the Axetec Pickaxe will now be classified as a Rare Pickaxe.

In response to a post on Reddit, Epic Games said the issue was with the rarity, not the price.

“[The Axetec] pickaxe was incorrectly set to uncommon (green). It will be changed to rare (blue) in the 8.10 update,” said the developer.

GTA Online players should head over to Southern San Andreas Super Autos this week

GTA Online players should head over to Southern San Andreas Super Autos this week and pick up the Declasse Vamos. It’s a yellow muscle car that just screams black leather jacket and white t-shirt with a pack of smokes peeking out of the pocket. Pretty sharp, and pretty fast. Go buy yourself one.

Logging in this week will also earn you the Declasse Logo Tee, a free addition to your wardrobe when you play GTA 5 APK Online anytime through February 20. Free clothes are the best clothes, after all.

If you’re feeling a bit romantic, you can earn Double GTA$ on all Gunrunning Sell Missions all the way through February 20.

You can also play the following team-based modes to earn Double GTA$ & RP, whether they are romantic or not is debatable: Bunker – Till Death Do Us Part, Hardest Target, Trap Door, and Siege Mentality.

Sales this week include 30% off all Be My Valentine content. This includes the Albany Roosevelt, Albany Valor and all Valentine’s Day Clothing. You can also pick up any weapon from Ammu-Nation at a 30% discount, get up to 40% off all Bunkers, the Mobile Operations Center and much, much more.

AG Ford gives the following tips to avoid these Fortnite scams

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford is warning parents and children about scams surrounding the popular online video game Fortnite.

The video game, rated suitable for children ages 12 and over, has attracted gamers across the planet as well as clever scammers looking to take advantage.

While the objective of the game is to survive, Ford and law agencies want parents and their kids to also look out for schemes that could seem to be a part of the game that could drain their bank accounts.

The typical Fortnite con, according to AG Ford, involves the game’s virtual currency, “V-Bucks”, which can be used to purchase things like upgrades, outfits and the sensational in-game dance options.

While users can play the game for free, V-Bucks have helped generate $2.4 billion in revenue last year for the game.

RELATEDSTUDY: Nevada most targeted state for tax season scams

Common fortnite v bucks generator scams use V-Bucks, baiting gamers with “V-Bucks generator” site links that offer coupons or codes for free V-Bucks, which usually cost the gamer his or her personal data or credit card billing information.

Many of these sites are difficult to spot as they look legitimate and mislead the user into purchasing things they’ll never receive or redirect the user to different sites which eventually require the user to share a code from their game account.

This gives scammers access to payment information.

Some of these scam sites trick the user into clicking ads which generate click revenue or download malware onto the user’s device.

Fortnite season 8 leaks were bound to happen

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Fortnite season 8 leaks were bound to happen, it was only a matter of which platform would by the guilty party. Would it be PlayStation? Or Apple’s app store like in season 7? Maybe Epic would let it slip on social media too early?

Nope, it’s Xbox, which has been responsible for a few leaks like this in the past, and tonight they have leaked what appear to be three Fortnite season 8 battle pass skins judging by dozens of screenshots players have taken of a very brief window in which the image appeared in the Xbox store.

There was some question about whether or not these were legitimate for a little while, but I’ve seen a ton of different captures of these so far, too many to be a coordinated fake, and just looking at them, you can tell. I may eat my words in about 10 hours or so, but to me, they seem legitimate.

There are three skins featured here, a red, Snake-Eyes type ninja. A black woman adorned in gold. And a guy with a gold cat mask, echoing the teaser we saw yesterday in the season 8 preview image.


The last time we saw a leak like this, the tier 100 skin was front and center (Ice King) and the Tier 1 skin was to the left (Lynx). This time, my money is on the woman being Tier 1 and the cat man being Tier 100, obviously with unlockable styles to come, as that’s now standard. However we have yet to see a female Tier 100 skin, so perhaps it could be her, and her final form is…a lot more involved than what we’re seeing here.

Epic has given out a variety of hints that this season will bring with it a pirate theme in some capacity, though none of these look especially pirate-like to me. Maybe the woman with her gold tattoos and jewelry, but certainly a modern spin on the concept, if so fortnite v bucks generator .

My first thought was that these look like rejected Tekken fighters, and I’m not super enamored with them right off the bat. But I do want to see their unlockable styles before fully making that kind of judgement call, as Lynx was bad until she became catwoman after enough unlocks. I’m curious to see what these might become.

There are usually six skins in the battle pass, so this is only half of them. I am almost positive we are indeed seeing tier 1 and 100 here, as that’s almost always how these images work, but I suppose I could be wrong and perhaps at least one of those is absent. Again, we’ll find out in just a few hours, and perhaps you aren’t even reading this post until after the new update has gone live.

Epic is in the days leading up to Season 8

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Season 8 of is just around the corner. With only a few days remaining in Season 7, developer Epic Games has now confirmed that the new season of the battle royale game will kick off across all platforms this Thursday, February 28.

Just as it has done in the run up to previous seasons, Epic is in the days leading up to Season 8. Each of the hints thus far has come in the form of a poem that suggests the new season will have a pirate theme; the first references “X marks the spot” and treasure, while the second v buck generator warns players to beware “those who arrive on the waves.”

What this means as far as gameplay goes remains to be seen, but it’ll presumably somehow tie into the that have been occurring in the game. Players first began experiencing these tremors earlier this month following the release of Fortnite’s 7.30 update, and they’ve been growing in intensity since, so much so that .

We’ll find out soon enough what all this means for Season 8, but in the meantime, players still have a few days to complete any remaining Season 7 challenges, including the new . Epic is if they finish these Overtime challenges, so you’ll want to complete them before the season ends to get your hands on the pass without having to shell out any V-Bucks.

improved in Apex. But that’s only a fraction of the reason why people actually play Fortnite.

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running along the edge of a giant crater or sneaking through a dense forest, and some blue, fluttering wings catch my eye. I don’t exactly stop and stare — that’s too dangerous in a battle royale where everyone is out to kill you — but it’s enough to capture my attention for a brief second, before I move on to explore other parts of the island.

There’s nothing similar to those charming butterflies in Apex Legends. Respawn’s Titanfall-themed shooter stormed out of the gates when it launched two weeks ago, racking up 25 million players in seven days and regularly dominating the Twitch charts. Apex isn’t the first battle royale game to challenge Fortnite, but none of its contemporaries have had this kind of momentum. Even neon-haired Fortnite star Ninja is playing Respawn’s game, winning the game’s first major tournament last week in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

This might lead you to believe that the two games are in direct competition. And, at least for a portion of the competitive community, they are. But Apex and Fortnite also offer very different experiences. And while I’m enjoying the high-octane action of Apex, Respawn’s battle royale is missing my favorite aspect of Fortnite: Epic’s game is a much more pleasant place to hang out.

As a pure action game, Apex is the superior experience. As anyone who played the Titanfallgames can attest, the developers at Respawn are masters at making tight, fast, and approachable first-person shooters. And while it’s missing the mechs and wall running that made Titanfall so unique, Apex is still an incredible action experience. You can run and slide around the map with ease, and the guns all have a specific weight and force to them that just feels right. Even better, while Apex is focused entirely on team play, there are features in place that make it fun even if you’re playing with strangers.

Compared to Fortnite, all of these elements — the gunplay, the movement, the social features — are improved in Apex. But that’s only a fraction of the reason why people actually play Fortnite. fortnite v buck generator Epic’s game isn’t just a battle royale, it’s a social network and, increasingly, it’s a virtual place where massive hangouts happen and where people want to explore with their friends almost as much as they want to compete. Often when I play, actually winning a match is low on my list of priorities. I might play a few rounds to complete some rewards or follow the latest ongoing event.

The popularity of Fortnite, and its popularity among younger gamers

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The popularity of Fortnite, and its popularity among younger gamers, means it has become a popular target for hoaxes and scams.

Imperva writes: ‘Ideal targets for these types of scams include players of “freemium” games, where you can play for free, but some premium additions (such as virtual money or skins) can be bought with real-world currency. 

‘Everyone wants the premium kit, but no one wants to pay for it.

The V-bucks generator asks for a username and how many V-Bucks the users wishes for and then a small terminal appears on screen,. This imitates hacking into the Fortnite Database and adding V-Bucks to an account but is in fact nothing but illusion  free v bucks generator no human verification android


Fortnite is a game that originally launched as a disk back in July 2017 and was then turned into a free-to-download game by its developer, Epic Games, in September. 

There are three forms of the game: ‘Battle Royale’, ‘Save The World’ and ‘Playground’.

Save the world is the original form of the game and is currently not available to play as part of the free-to-download game, instead it comes as part of a £30 ($40) extra. 

It is a co-op mode with a story that’s playable solo or online with friends.


Fortnite is a battle royale-style survival shooter where players create a superhero avatar and compete against each other on a dystopian island 

Users compete in teams of up to three to complete a variety of missions. 

It is rumoured that the game will be added to the free-to-play version of the game in the future. 

Whilst Save The World may be the original version of the game, its sister mode is by far the most popular. 

Battle Royale is a game of survival where players create a superhero avatar and compete against each other on a dystopian island.

Each game, or ‘match’ as each competition is known, starts with 100 players.

The aim of the game is to be the last one standing. Users can form allegiances and play in small groups.

To enable this and the interactive experience, the game allows completely open communication between players. 

Inspired by the Hunger Games novels and films, gamers search for weapons to help them survive.